At Glide Yoga we want you to experience a ‘good space’.

The definition of ‘asana’ or ‘yoga pose’ is found in the Yoga Sutra: Sthira sukham asanam, which is Sanskrit for ‘the posture should be steady and comfortable’. A translation we also love is ‘to abide in the good space’.

This is how we want you to feel on the mat, during class and in life!

Glide Yoga is a calm and tranquil studio where you can practice yoga in a supported and caring environment. Learn how to be steady and strong in your practice and at the same time feel a sense of joy, ease and contentment so that you can Glide through life.

So that your time with us is super comfortable, we provide the very best quality equipment from Manduka mats to luxury wool blankets. Everything you need is right here for you, simply Glide in wearing comfortable clothing.

Glide Yoga is an inclusive studio and we believe that yoga is for EVERY BODY!

Whatever your size or shape, you will be made to feel welcome. The physical practice of yoga can bring many benefits: long lean muscles, improved posture and breathing, greater strength and flexibility, enhanced digestion, better circulation, a more relaxed nervous system and greater immunity.

Through the physical practice of asana the body becomes healthy, strong, flexible and vibrant. Emotionally and mentally we begin to feel a sense of calm and clarity. Through the physical practice of yoga where the breath is linked to movement you will learn how to train your mind to become focussed and it is this stilling of the mind that is the goal of yoga, not the ability to stand on your head or touch your toes, although as you continue with a regular practice of yoga, you may be able to do this as well.

Glide offers a variety of classes to suit your needs, whether you’re a complete beginner or have a well-established practice.

Glide’s experienced teachers will provide appropriate modifications and alternative postures to ensure that you feel supported and safe in your yoga practice. Our teachers will create a space where you will always feel comfortable.

Feel the need to rest, restore and rejuvenate? Try a restorative class to bring you back into balance and regain your energy. Feel sluggish or unmotivated? Try a Glide Flow class where the breath is linked to the postures creating a mindful and fluid sequence where the body is both strengthened and opened.  Can’t touch your toes or feel stiff? Try a Glide Stretch & Restore class to increase flexibility and range of motion through the joints.