Lynn has been a student of Annie’s for many years and was a dedicated Glide Yogi before we moved into the Claremont studio. She hardly ever misses the over 50’s classes, attending three times a week. She enjoys being a part of the vibrant Glide Yoga community.

Where did your yoga journey begin?

Ten years ago I commenced a beginners course with an Ashtanga Yoga studio. I completed the course and then continued to attend classes at 6am most weekdays.The classes were a series of set poses, mostly self-led (Mysore style). I spent about 4 years doing Ashtanga yoga and although I became very flexible, I found I was looking for something with more variety. My daughter Jorelle had completed her teacher training in the same group as Annie and encouraged me to go to her classes. I finally turned up to one of Annie’s class about 6 years ago and never left.

Tell us a little about your experiences at Glide Yoga

I attend the over 50’s classes three mornings a week.I love the balance between the physical postures and the breathing and relaxation techniques I’ve learned. Each class is different and the postures are varied. The studio has been beautifully decorated by Annie and Carol. It has a very calm and cosy atmosphere and you instantly feel warm and at home. The mats, bolsters and props have all been carefully chosen to create the best possible experience for students. Everyone is welcomed when they come through the door and quickly become part of the Glide community. As a side benefit, there is always coffee after these classes and all are welcome. This provides a great opportunity for relaxing together and getting to know each other. These coffee gatherings have also proved to be a great resource and exchange of information.

In what way has yoga changed your life?

Although I have always been active in some form of sport, yoga is something I will be able to continue with at any age because it can be done at your own pace with what ever props are needed. Along with yoga, the meditation and breathing techniques I’ve learned will hopefully be a life-long practice. I think the support and friendships that have developed from my Glide journey have been a very special and unexpected outcome.

What would you say to people who are curious but a little hesitant to begin?

I would say take that first step through the door as many have done before you. If you are really nervous or self-conscious here is my tip: Head to the back row in the centre. You will have the wall behind you for support if needed and there will be an example of the pose all around if you are unsure.