Carol Kestel

Yoga Teacher/ Studio Manager

I am passionate about teaching yoga and want everyone to experience the benefits that I have received from my own practice; increased strength and flexibility, a deeper connection to self, increased confidence and a sense of happiness and joy in life.

I was interested in yoga and meditation from a young age but it wasn’t until I became a mother in my mid-twenties that I actually took my first yoga class. After bending over to fold a nappy and feeling something go in my back, I realised that I had to learn how to look after my spine and my body so that I could look after my daughter. I took my first class and never looked back. It didn’t take long for me to realise that yoga is not only about the body, it is also and even more so about the mind. Yoga helps us to travel through life with grace, joy, equanimity and love. A daily practice can transform your own life and the lives of those around you.

Natalie Branco

Yoga Teacher

Vinyasa means the connection of breath and movement. My classes have a strong focus on this to internally cleanse and bring you into the present moment. I will guide you through a creative sequence of asana poses that bring sthira and sukha (steadiness, strength and ease/flexibility) to your body and mind. These qualities help in creating space to find balance. I have experienced so many positive effects through the practice of yoga and meditation. Just to name a few include greater presence, awareness and confidence, and a wonderful increase in my health, vitality, gratitude and joy for life.

I am inspired when I can see the benefits of yoga in students, mentally, physically and emotionally. When they too can journey a truly incredible transformation and connection to self. I enjoy sharing from my own experiences and helping others to deepen their yoga and meditation practice. Through my caring nature, I hope to make students feel comfortable and safe through guidance of proper alignment, breath and movement. I have a passion to share my knowledge on using yoga and meditation as a way of living a holistic lifestyle, and as a therapeutic approach to overall well being, healing and self care.

Jason Pachol

Yoga Teacher

Discovering yoga after recovering from back and shoulder injuries, Jason found yoga to help with pain management and restore his body, he now lives pain free.  Jason loves to inspire and educate students on the wisdom of yoga, promoting health and wellbeing in a safe and playful way.

Jason is a Canadian yoga instructor with 8 years teaching experience across Australia, Bali and India.

"We love Jason!! His classes are challenging, fun and are the perfect end to your working day! I always leave feeling energised. Jason is a wonderful teacher who is always there to encourage you no matter what your skill level" - Vicky

"Jason is an amazing teacher and his classes are unique with the perfect balance of meditation, pranayama and sequences. He is very knowledgeable and makes each class fun and rewarding" - Olivia