Carol's yoga classes leave you feeling in awe of life and all it has to offer! Carol has a passion for yoga, a beautiful voice, incredible technical expertise and a calm and centred energy which emanates in all her classes. Her focus on the breath and starting each class with a calm mind is the cornerstone to working through the physical poses.

Carol is highly skilled at ensuring all her students are given a range of options during the poses, so it doesn't matter if you are an older beginner like me, or a fit, flexible young thing like my daughter, a class with Carol will leave you feeling fabulous, both physically and mentally.
Being taught by Carol is a real treat, her classes are truly out of the ordinary and give everyone so much satisfaction and enjoyment.

Thanks Carol!

Belinda Holman


From the first moment I stepped into the Glide Yoga Studio I felt relaxed, calm and at ease. The environment is warm and inviting. Carol and Fiona are extremely talented and experienced yoga instructors. When they make an adjustment on me it is with a warm and sensitive approach. They are genuinely interested in you as a person and that shows from the moment you enter their studio. There is a genuine sincerity in their approach, manner and ethos. I cannot recommend these teachers enough.

Sharon Moore

What a fabulous studio. So modern, clean and with new great equipment and awesome vibe.
Brilliant teachers. Love it! Namaste!

Helen Appleyard


Carol Hicks is an amazing teacher! She has a gentle, caring nature and an approach that takes you effortlessly into that feeling of flow.

Frank Smith

All of the ladies at Glide Yoga are fabulous, supportive, warm and friendly. I did the 4 week beginners course and felt amazing from the first to last class!

Tamara Awudu

Carol is fab, have had one on one restorative yoga sessions as well as classes and would very highly recommend them.

Zoe Croft

Lovely studio in Claremont with very experienced and knowledgable teachers. Love their approach to a more gentle type of Yoga!

Cheryl Moran