Glide Yoga Workshops - please book to secure your spot

Sound Immersion - Saturday 18 December at 3pm

Harmony through mind and body to unwind, de-stress, restore depleted energy and immerse into a deeply restful and blissful experience.
If you have not tried this before, you are in for a treat!
Natalie will be guiding you to open up your body and breath through a blend of deep stretches, gentle yoga flow and restorative yoga. To further relax you, she will be taking you on a journey using sound vibration frequencies produced from crystal bowls to clear ‘mind noise’, inducing a deep state of rest.  
The rhythms, tones and resonance created by singing bowls have been shown to slow down breathing, brain waves and heart rates, producing a sense of calm and internal connection.

Bookings Required.

 Yoga and Longevity

Yoga is the ultimate elixir for living a healthy, happy and youthful life. We all want to look and feel younger and have more vitality. Fortunately, this is our natural state. Yoga helps us to remember and maintain this natural shine as we harmonize the body, mind and breath.

Come explore the many ways that yoga impacts our health and longevity with Deb Gilleran. We will look at this from an ancient yogic perspective as well as delve into some of the recent (and very exciting) scientific findings from a western perspective.

This workshop is informational and will begin with a short asana practice and end with a long yummy guided meditation for connecting with the deeper states of consciousness to restore peace and inner glow.

Buddhi Yoga: Strengthen the Mind


The human mind is like water in a river. It never stops moving. Whereas the intellect (Buddhi) is steady, like the riverbanks. If the banks are strong, they will guide the flow to its destination. But if they are weak, they will collapse under the pressure and the water will destroy the river and everything in its path.

So too, an ungoverned mind will slip into feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, stress and depression. The solution is to build strong banks. The practice of Buddhi Yoga strengthens the banks (intellect), so that you gain peace of mind, efficiency and effectiveness in daily life.