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Sound Healing with Didgeridoo

20 December 6pm - 7.30pm

Glide Yoga has invited Yoga Teacher, Guillaume Hauer, to teach a very special sound healing class at the studio. Gulliaume will guide you through a gentle stretch class followed by a Didgeridoo Guided Meditation, allowing you to settle into a deep state of relaxation. Accompanied by the healing sound of the Didgeridoo and enhanced by the aroma of essential oils, you will leave this class feeling deeply relaxed.

Guillaume says, "I find the didgeridoo and the Essential Oils two wonderful tools when it comes to relaxation and body/mind connection.The didgeridoo's unique sound and its wide range of low frequency sound waves enables listeners to quickly and easily achieve deep meditative brainwaves (theta and delta). In addition, thanks to the vibration of the didgeridoo you can experience a no touch sound massage that will assist in achieving deep relaxation".

Karma Yoga for Anxiety

20 January 6pm - 7.30pm

What distracts us from inner peace and contentment is our mind’s anxiety, ego and expectations. The ancient spiritual practice of Karma Yoga reduces ego and quietens the mind by offloading expectations and other mental baggage. As a result you become calm and composed, enabling you to handle life’s challenges with dignity, poise and ease.

Join us for this transformational workshop with philosopher, Meredith Forder, and learn how to fill your life with peace, love, joy and contentment by incorporating the ancient spiritual practice of karma yoga into your daily life.

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