Glide Yoga Workshops are limited to 20 people.

Headstand Workshop

This workshop will break down Sirsasana in a safe and supported way. Considered an intermediate level pose, Headstand is not about strength, it is about balance.

Learn correct hand and arm placement, core strength and how to float up into a headstand effortlessly with no more than 5% of weight onto the head. Glide Yoga teachers, Carol and Annie will guide you safely into this inversion known as the King of Asana providing a number of safe and alternative options for achieving success.

You will also learn about the many benefits of inversions including; improved focus and concentration, stress reduction, a calming of the mind and nervous system, improved sleep, circulation and a boost to the immune system.

Bookings Required.

Ayurveda Wellness Workshop

Join Annie and Carol for an Ayurveda Wellness Workshop that includes a nourishing Ayurvedic Lunch at Eden & Wild.

Ayurveda is a system of healing with its roots in ancient India. A Sanskrit word, it literally means the ‘Science of Life’. It believes optimal health is available for all of us, and teaches how to live in balance and harmony.

There are three primary doshas or constitutions known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of us has different amounts of the three doshas in our bodies/minds. Once you know your unique dosha type, you’re able to work towards returning your body to perfect balance.

You will leave feeling refreshed and revitalised and learn some self care techniques that you can begin incorporating into daily life to feel the very best version of you!

Meditation Workshop

Life can be stressful!

'Stress can wreak havoc with your metabolism, raise your blood pressure, burst your white blood cells, make you flatulent, ruin your sex life, and if that's not enough, possibly damage your brain...and the stress response can become more damaging than the stressor itself,' writes Robert Sapolsky in 'Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers'.

Learn how to relieve stress, improve concentration and lower cortisol levels in this introductory meditation session. Learn the benefits of meditation and experience a moving into stillness that will illicit the relaxation response and improve your overall wellness, leading to deeper levels of relaxation and a happier life!

Bookings required.


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