Glide Yoga Workshops are run on Saturday’s from 4-6pm

Workshop spaces limited to 20 people.

Roll & Release: November 18

Learn self-care techniques to release tension in the muscles and fascia of the body with the use of tennis balls and blocks. Targeted areas include the abdomen to increase vagal tone, shoulders, feet and glutes.

Myofascial release is known to decrease stress, improve digestion, reduce inflammation and decrease pain, all through self-care. Come to this workshop and learn how.

Bookings Required.

Christmas Restorative: December 16

The lead up to Christmas is such a beautiful time to indulge in some restorative yoga. Take some time out for self care and treat yourself to an extra long restorative yoga class with Carol.

Rest and relax deeply in this two hour workshop filled with deeply relaxing restorative poses that nourish the body and soothing breathing practices that will calm your mind so that you are ready to enjoy a festive season filled with joy, peace and love. Your family will be so grateful to spend time with the with the relaxed and rejuvenated you!

The workshop concludes with a 30 minute yoga nidra meditation that is designed to literally help your brain relax. You will leave this workshop feeling like you have had a long massage and very deep sleep!

This workshop is limited to 16 places.

Post-Christmas Detox Yoga: December 27 at 9am

Over indulged during the festive season?

Come and join us for a post-Christmas detox yoga class that will leave you feeling clear, vibrant and energised. You will be guided through a yoga sequence that supports the body's natural detoxification process by increasing circulation and blood flow to the muscles. The sequence will include standing poses, twists, deep forward bends and inversions to enhance and promote good digestion and lymph drainage. After compressing and twisting the body we will rest the digestive system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system  with poses that restore and rejuvenate. The session will conclude with a guided meditation and Yoga Nidra.

You will leave feeling energised and deeply relaxed.


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